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Released Feb. 7th, 2023 


Now Ready to Hit Your Bookshelf


"Taylor's debut wraps a deeply satisfying tale of escaping partner abuse, claiming rightful rage, and building supportive relationships in the tropes of werewolf transformation. " - Publishers Weekly Review of The Bite

Coming Winter 2024


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Z.W. Taylor is the author of "The Bite" series and other successful stories on Wattpad. When she's not writing, she wonders why her coffee pot sounds like a gurgling bogeyman, debates whether her cat is conspiring against her, and fills blank pages with ideas for the future.


"Ultimately, Charlotte's survival comes down to finding her own inner strength, supported by budding friendships with the werewolves and vampires around her. The well-developed characters make this an easy read that is set up nicely for additional books in the series." - Booklist Review of The Bite


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