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The Moon Blood Saga


Book 1: The Bite

"All it took was one bite for her life to change forever. Just one bite and she would learn what it was that she was really made of. ”

Charlotte is on the run from her old life and ready to start all over again. But she hadn't expected that one single small decision would make her future so unusual. At the wrong time in the wrong place, she has to fight for her life and is transformed into something that should only appear in sagas or horror stories. One bite was enough for that ...

Fabulous werewolves and a strong young woman who learns to fight back in a world of fangs and fur.

Released Winter 2023 by W by Wattpad. 


Book 2: The Hunt

She survived the bite, but can she survive her beast?

No one thought Charlotte would make it through the harrowing transformation to become a shifter after she was attacked by werewolves in the Alaskan woods. They underestimated her.

Now, to earn a place in this hidden world, she has to prove her worth to the whole pack. So Charlotte chooses to become a tracker, despite the misgivings of her surly mentor, Levi, and the rigorous training that ends in a dangerous hunt. So what if she still needs to figure out how to control her inner wolf?

The hunt takes place deep in the wilderness, where an ancient evil lurks in a forbidden section of the forest. Charlotte will be tested as she learns to work with other members of the pack—even when they don’t want her there—and to tame the beast inside her. But this is her shot at a new start . . . and it’s a matter of life and death. Whatever dark secrets she uncovers, if Charlotte is going to survive, it’s time to stop running away and become the hunter.

Released Spring 2024 by W by Wattpad. 

Book 3: The Pack

Book three in the Moon Blood Sage series, set in a world of werewolves, vampires, and witches, in which a woman is faced with new challenges and new truths that make her question everything around her, and wonders if she can protect the people she loves while also following her heart

Coming Summer 2025 by W by Wattpad Books

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The Bite - German Translation

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