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"All it took was one bite for her life to change forever. Just one bite and she would learn what it was that she was really made of. ”

Charlotte is on the run from her old life and ready to start all over again. But she hadn't expected that one single small decision would make her future so unusual. At the wrong time in the wrong place, she has to fight for her life and is transformed into something that should only appear in sagas or horror stories. One bite was enough for that ...

Fabulous werewolves and a strong young woman who won't let herself get down Wattpad's Fantasy reader's favorite finally in German translation

Wattpad connects a community of around 90 million readers and authors through the power of history, making it the world's largest social reading platform. At Wattpad @ Piper, the greatest successes are now being published in a revised version as a book and as an e-book: materials that have already impressed hundreds of thousands of readers, impress with their special style and deal with topics that really matter to young readers move!​


THE BITE - English

Released Winter 2023 by W by Wattpad. 

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