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Frances Moritz

Jan 1, 2023

The well-developed
characters make this an easy read...

Charlotte is a woman on the run, fleeing to rural Alaska to escape her abusive partner after his

latest attack. Having ditched her phone—and her partner’s passport—in the ocean as she left

California, Charlotte almost feels safe searching for her friend’s remote cabin until she is bitten

by a rogue werewolf, upending life as she knows it. Rescued by an older werewolf and his

vampire housemate, Charlotte begins a three-month evolution to her wolf form, which she may

not survive, while facing her own demons and the beast that now rages within her. Taylor never

glosses over Charlotte’s trauma, allowing her to work through it, gradually coming to trust the

men around her without throwing herself prematurely into another romantic relationship.

Ultimately, Charlotte’s survival comes down to finding her own inner strength, supported by

budding friendships with the werewolves and vampires around her. The well-developed

characters make this an easy read that is set up nicely for additional books in the series.

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