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Publisher's Weekly

Nov 29, 2022

Werewolf fans should check this out.

Taylor’s debut wraps a deeply satisfying tale of escaping partner abuse, claiming rightful rage, and building supportive relationships in the tropes of werewolf transformation. Charlotte’s on the run from her abusive boyfriend when she is attacked by a group of rogue werewolves in the wilds of Alaska. Cantankerous older werewolf Levi and his gay vampire housemate, Derek, take Charlotte in to their hidden home in the woods and agree to guard and train her as she goes through the physically grueling (and sometimes fatal) bite-induced ordeal of bonding with her inner wolf over the next three full moons. Taylor creates an emotional analogy between Chalotte’s gradual recovery from her trauma and her slow acceptance of her transformation to which the slow-burn of her eventual romance with Levi’s nephew, Liam, takes an intentional backseat. Though Taylor incorporates the soulmate trope common to paranormal romance, she wisely does not drop Charlotte into a fated rebound, instead allowing her space to process her issues around intimacy and physical touch. Some of the plot beats are fairly obvious, but the sweet focus on healing and found family sets this apart. Werewolf fans should check this out. (Feb.)

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